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About Us

Hands On is an IT consulting and support services provider
in Hungary and supporting clients across Europe.

Our clients have ranged from multinational companies seeking to securely mobilize their workforce, to boutique consulting firms aiming to improve their knowledge management processes, to NGOs and EU Grant recipients needing IT infrastructure and communications management support.

Hands On is proud of its personalized, 
problem-solvingresults oriented, and attention-to-detail approach that has allowed it to build a reputation of reliability and trust among its clients.

Our Fields Of Activity

Communications and Collaboration Systems Management

Managing the platform infrastructure and user support for secure electronic communications and team collaboration services on desktop and mobile devices.  Secure…

IT Project Management

Project management from design to implementation for: website development, aid voucher design and redemption, phone banking, data filtering, and e-mail…

Technology Infrastructure Management

Remote installation, management, and security compliance monitoring of PCs, Servers, mobile devices and user accounts. PC remote installation and software…

Work Values

Custom tailored
Custom tailored
Problem solving
Problem solving
Results oriented
Results oriented

Contact Us


Hands On Consulting

1065 Budapest, Weiner Leó u. 13.

+36 1 354 1200

+36 1 354 1199


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